Computers, laptops, game consoles, printers, fax machines, copiers, televisions, monitors, DVD players or VCR’s, as well as individual electronic parts such as motherboards and hard disc drives, should be recycled to prevent the toxic chemicals that they contain from contaminating the natural environment.

Fortunately there are many options available for arranging for reusing or recycling your unwanted electronic equipment. Please call/visit your local waste management facility for dropoff times/locations and details on accepted electronics.

If you wish to sell your computer, give it to a friend, or donate it to charity as a working machine use specialist software to completely clear the hard disc of any trace of your personal information files.

However, make sure you remove all personal information files before you sell, donate or recycle your laptop or computer. Simply deleting the files or even formatting the hard disc, is not sufficient to prevent a criminal from recovering your personal data.

Data files can be recovered from a computer’s hard disc, using specialized data recovery software, even if they have been deleted or you format the hard disc. The magnetic imprint of the file remains on the hard disc unless that part of the disc is over written with new files.

MGN INTRALINK is happy to do it’s part in protecting the environment. We will provide free pickup of all electronic equipment for recycling(excluding TVs and CRT monitors).  We will give you the option of removing the hard drive or for a small fee we can erase/destroy the hard drive for you.

If you wish to save the data on the hard drive,  let us take care of that for you. It can be burned to discs, transferred to an external hard drive or copied to a new laptop or computer. Call us for details.